Our little Emporio Armani of Little Burritos alias Armani lmakes us more proud with each passing day. We were really looking forward to him and on the 3rd August 2011, he was here at last. We're unbelievable happy and very thankful for our LH mother Xeliantos Little Ray at the, for me, great LH stud dog Shah Arpilin Zigfrid Prints, who is owned by Johanna Heinzl from the kennel del Pueblito!

For a long time this mating was my big wish and after the 2nd time around my dream finally came true! A big thank you dear Johanna, that you made this dream mating possible!

Shah Arpilin Zigfrid Prints
Link to kennel: Chihuahua Del Pueblito

Xeliantos Little Ray
Pedigree - klicke here

Our E-Litter Puppy

Name Emporio Armani
Sex / Color Male - red with white markings
Day Of Birth 3. August 2011

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