Black-Ghost Fabian
Given name Peppino
Nickname Seppal, Seppotschino
Date of birth 20.12.2002
Breed Chihuahua LH
Color tricolor
Weight 1,9 kg

Patella Luxation: severe, therefore neutered
Teeth: 6/6 pincer
Fontanella: closed

Breeder Meszaros Sandor Istvanne (Hungary)
Owner Evelyne Gross (Austria)



Obituary for our little matcho!

A faithful heart, a faithful look,
that still exists in our world
cause even through the pain
not only joy,
someone doesn't let you down.
And when your pet once is leaving you,
the certainty, where it is gone,
company it on it's "last way",
it would love you from it's heart for it!