Mister-Blue of Kir Royal
Given name Kevin
Nickname Dicker Bär, Puzibär
Date of birth 03.02.1995
Breed Chihuahua SH
Color blue/tan
Weight 2,5 kg

Patella Luxation: severe, therefore neutered
Teeth: 6/6 scissor, 2 missing premolars in the lower jaw 3/3
Fontanella: closed
Breeder Scheiber Hannelore
Owner Evelyne Gross (Austria)



Memoriam for my baer!

A faithful heart, a faithful look,
something like this still exists on earth
because even in pain
not only in luck
someone doesn't let you down.
In good times and bad times, at every waking hour
someone is faithful to you:


He thanks you for every little thing
and looks at you with his soul
he talks to you with his glance
because he speaks a language that isn't ours.
Recognize the worth, before it's too late
be nice to your animal -
because when your dog
once will pass away
who will be faithful to you?!