Already in 2000, I pondered to breed this awesome dogs. I had my first litter with my first bitch Jessy, which was also her last, because physically she was not capable of giving birth the normal way.

This was the reason why my next bitch had to be something special, with all fine treats, that this wonderful race has to offer. With Kibibi, I think, I’ve found such a special dog. Eventually she will be the foundation of our breeding plans in the future.

It’s in my interest to breed Chihuahuas, with my best knowledge and conscience, who are mentally strong, correct and above all things healthy and good socialized dogs, from selected good lines.

Therefore I ask a lot from our future to-be-owners, our puppies will be bred under the strict requirements of the FCI (or the OEKV so to speak), thus they are not available for dumping prices.

Even though we plan to breed, we see our dogs as adequate family members and of course we also treat them like that. Our puppies grow up in our family and will get a perfect start in their lives. Naturally the puppies will be fully vaccinated, chipped and dewormed and will move only after they’re already 12 weeks old, including their papers, to their new owners.