We are an animal loving family who lived in a suburb district of Vienna (Floridsdorf), since October 2013 we're living in beautiful, green Upper Austria. Consisting of my son Pacal and last but not least myself (Eva).

Even as kid I wanted to take care of animals for a living. Because nobody could stop me from doing it, I’ve pursuit my dream job. The working with animals, looking after them and to train them, not only occupied my time at work but also more and more my free time.

During the years, I took several courses, for example:

- behaviorism of dogs
- humane training
- methods to motivate
- pup upbringing
- patella seminar
- breeder informations day

to only name a few. For years I was taking part in sport dog events and trained dogs (not the ones I owned myself) up to tests, from which I learned a lot. My first dog was a big mutt named Bella from Vienna’s animal shelter. Years later Aaron followed, a Doberman, with him I mastered successful obedience classes and also took part in tournaments.

Unfortunately Aaron only was 2 years old when he passed away, due to various illnesses. During this time I lived alone and I had lost my best friend. After some time of mourning I started to visit dog shows. Because of a pending job change I discovered that there was no way I could take a big dog with me to work. The inevitable happened and I fell in love with a dog breed that, hard to believe, weighs maximum 6 lbs and has a shoulder height of 8 inches, the Chihuahua.

This little graceful dog breed met all my requirements, only the size was something to get used to first. May 1995 my first short hair Chihuahua dog Kevin moved in. Because of him I got to know this wonderful creatures and their unique character. A absolutely faithful companion, who follows one on the heels through good and bad times. A heart like a lion and at the same time gentle like a sheep. All in all the Chihuahua is a real all rounder among the small dog breeds that I know.

Because I hardly could take part in dog sporting events with the smallest dog breed of the world, I began to visit dog shows and took to it in a short time spawn. When Pascal moved into our world on the 26th of January, I thought our family would be complete now.

But as usually, you can’t predict the future! Because in 1999 I fell in love with Jessy, a short haired Chihuahua girl.

The Chihuahua duo wasn’t meant to last long, in 2003 Peppino, a gorgeous long haired Chihuahua moved in and so we had a perfect trio.

We agreed on Kevin being the last chi in our round. If it wouldn’t have been for the Internet, it would have stayed that way. Unfortunately we had to say good bye to our beloved Kevin. He passed away while sleeping on his favorite place due to heart failure.

It was just a nightmare, it tore my heart apart and the pain was so incredible big. Since a few months I was pondering, to fill the emptiness that Kevin left with a wonderful little creature, but it had to be a special dog.

Not knowing of my destined encounter in the future, I poked around as usually on various homepages from breeders. I visited specially Jasmin Inesta-Schwier’s site (a breeder from Bremen, in Germany) more often than the others. Because of a friend, who already owns a dog from this breeder, I learned that there was maybe still one female puppy available from this litter. So I sent a long email to “apply” as a future dog owner, which wasn’t as easy as I imagined first.

Jasmin already declined many offers from other persons, who asked specifically about this bitch, because she wanted to keep the dog for her own future breeding plans. I had to meet certain requirements to even get the little lady and for a long time I had to wait impatiently if I would be accepted. On the 22nd April 2007, after a long period of waiting, Kibibi de Iniesta moved in.

Kibibi matured to a wonderful dog and got excellent results at shows, this dog was and is still a real diamond for us. Unfortunately Kibibi developed problems with her left knee, so I decided to not breed with her, because she maybe could pass this little fault on to her puppies. Therefore I got her neutered and after some serious thinking and with a heavy heart, I placed her in a really loving family as a pet. Because she is such a young dog, the moving did not affect her much and she already feels at home.

It can happen anytime, that one has to fail such hard decicisions and it never gets easy. With Kibibi, well she's a very young dog, who - due to her age and her character - didn't take the moving so hard. I think we acted on behalf of Kibibi's interests, because in her new family she can still be the number one and just live as a family pet. In a breeder's household, where the pack consists of multiple dogs, it gets harder with every additional dog to spend time with each and everyone of them. Also, more than often neutered animals move to the last spot in the pack and therefore have to endure permanent stress, even more so when it's a young dog, whose position in the pack, isn't stabilized yet.

My intentions to write this are simple to show that the breeding of dogs never is an easy task. Unforseen things can happen all the time and are beyond a breeder's power. It would have been easy to just let Kibibi "vanish" from our homepage, but I want to act responsible and comprehensible. And bad things, as well as good things, can happen when you breed! Last but not least, Kibibi will always have a special place in our hearts and will always remain "our dog".