Why does my dog need a pedigree - I don't want to breed!

This is a sentence you can hear often from various people. The pedigree itself is not the reason why puppies from a responsible breeder are more expensive, than a puppy from a puppy mill or a backyard breeder. The pedigree can be seen as a "seal of approval". A breeder who breeds under a kennel club (like me under the OEKV), has to meet many requirements, those serve the protection of the dogs. More so the parents and the ancestors of the dogs have to pass certain health test, to eliminate the risk of any hereditary diseases and of course they have to meet the standard.

The "seals of approval" from a responsible breeder:


Before breeders can even start to plan litters, each and every dog has to pass the health exams, the kennel club requires. It's forbidden to breed with dogs who have hereditary defects!

A few excerpts from the breeding regulations:

  • a breeder has to allow a person, sent from the OEKV, access to his breeding facilities.
  • Requirements for breeding are healthy dogs who have an upbringing appropiate to their race, a breed's typical character and the achievement of the complete breeding maturity.
  • A bitch can have max. one litter each year.