Why is a purebred dog from a responsible breeder so expensive?

Those who think a good breeder can make an easy dollar are wrong. A breeder has many expenses. It starts with buying a bitch, what follows next are the dog shows, where a judge looks at the dog and estimates if a dog meets the standard. But that's not all there is, the bitch gets tested for various hereditary diseases (every purebred dog is prone to such illnesses, because of the small gen pool).

If a bitch is an adequate dog for breeding plans, only then starts the search for a stud dog. Breeders put up with long travel routes and high fees to find the perfect match. During the pregnancy the dog will of course receive veterinary checkups. That includes ultrasonic testing, to get sure that there are no problems and no high risk pregnancy which could endanger the puppies and / or the mother. Ideally the birth will take it's natural way, but sometimes there can be problems who will make a c-section necessary.

The price also includes, special, high grade premium food, during and after the pregnancy (during the lactation). The puppies also don't get feed cheap super market dog food, but high grade food to guarantee an optimal upbringing. Adding up to the final price are also the vet visits with the pups, who will - of course - get vaccinated, dewormed and have a microchip implant.

If you consider that a average litter has only 3 puppies, it has to be clear, that a responsible breeder can't expect any profit with breeding dogs.

The backyard breeder has it easier, he just mates 2 random dogs, without considering any of the hereditary diseases, who will most likely develop those illnesses at a later stage. He saves himself from expensive vet bills, putting the cost on all the pups, feeds cheap - therefore substandard - food and so on. In 90% of all the cases the puppy owner then pays the price difference (or even more) for vet bills, because the pups get weaned way too early and grow up under horrific circumstances. Never you should buy a dog, because you pity him, even if the dog is whining so it makes your heart melt. If you buy a dog, you just support the puppy mills/backyard breeders. Cause the supply always meets the demand. Literally for every little dog you save, two or three will follow!

Each dog is a living being, therefore there can't be a 100% guarantee, that maybe some time in the distant future, the dog will develop an illness. The difference is, that this is going to happen most likely if you get a dog from a backyard breeder, while a responsible breeders does his best to eliminate hereditary diseases or a breed's dispotions to it.